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September Newsletter

Mrs. McGee’s Class


It has been a great first week of school!  Thank you for sending me such wonderful students!  I couldn’t have asked for better children! Our themes for September are All About Me, Let’s Be Friends, and Our Happy Classroom.  As part of our Social Studies unit, we have been working on our daily routines, introducing centers, classroom helpers and getting to know our new friends.

We read a story about classroom rules and we used the children’s ideas to come up with five basic rules. Please review these rules with your child at home.

  1. We are nice to others.
  2. We play safely.
  3. We help keep our classroom clean.
  4. We use our walking feet.
  5. We do our best everyday.


Our Math focus for this month will be identifying 2D shapes (circle, oval, rectangle, square, triangle) and 3D shapes (sphere, cube, cone, and cylinder) as well as understanding the meaning of different positional words (above, below, beside,bottom, middle, next to, on).  Please try to incorporate these words at home along with locating  shapes in your everyday routine.  There are many shapes just hiding in your refridgerator and pantry! There may even be a cylinder behind the ketchup!


We will also introduce daily calendar skills.  On the way to school, practice the days of the week, the name of the month, and counting to 10. This is a great opportunity to talk about anything special that will happen during the month. Help them to locate these events on a calendar.


In Language Arts, we will start talking about the alphabet. We will practice identifying, writing, and learning the sound of each letter. Some ideas for writing at home other than paper pencil might be to make the letters in pudding or shaving cream.  You can also use sidewalk chalk or paint brushes with water. Markers are much easier than pencil. Remember letters are made up of circles, sticks and curves.  Having your child practice making lines and circles starting at the top and going around to the left will be a huge benefit to your child’s paper pencil success. J There is a great app called “Doodle Buddy” that provides opportunities to practice writing and drawing skills.


Most importantly, help your child make a connection to the sound of the letter by locating objects around the house that begin with that sound, reading to your child, rhyming, providing opportunities for oral language, and/or locating letters in different contexts (on cereal boxes, street signs, restaurant/store signs). Print can be found everywhere!


We sent home our first cutting assignment this week and will be sending home another shape next week.  Please return the homework to school by Friday each week. After finishing up with the  shapes,  your child will then be responsible for cutting out a letter each week.  Some letters are much easier than others.  If your child is really struggling, draw a circle or square around the letter and have them cut out the shape instead of the letter. We want this to be a positive learning experience, not a struggle.  Have your child hold the scissors correctly with his or her thumb in the small hole on top and a couple of fingers in the hole on the bottom.  Encourage your child to keep their elbow attached to their side while cutting. You can also have your child sing “open and shut them” while cutting the letter. Praise your child for each and every accomplishment and don’t worry if you have to use a little tape when they are done J.


Our recess time is from 9:45-10:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We will be going outside unless it is raining or below 32 degrees so please dress your child appropriately.


If you have not done so, please return all forms to me by next week.



                                                                                 Have a wonderful week!

                                                                   Cheryl McGee & Lauren Nolke


Upcoming Events:

September 23rd – School Pictures(Weather Permitted)***VOLUNTEER NEEDED THAT DAY***

September 30th – School Closed, Staff In-Service


October 1st – Claire’s Gourmet Fundraiser begins

October 7th – Volunteer Orientation and Parent Coffee

(Look for more information about a field trip to Summer’s Farm in October)

October 21st – Claire’s Gourmet Fundraiser Due

October 21st – Field Trip to Summer’s Farm at 12:30 pm


November 4th – No School, Staff In-Service

November 18th – Claire’s Gourmet Delivered

November 25th – Thanksgiving Feast ***VOLUNTEERS NEEDED***

November 26-29 No School, Staff In-Service and Thanksgiving Break