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Graduated from West Virginia University
Teaching experience: 15 years
Years at Calvary: 13
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Classroom Assistant: Kate-E Frazier



Five Day Fours Class General Information

Welcome to Calvary Weekday School!  This monthly letter will help you keep up to date with things that are happening in your child’s classroom.  Information about classroom activities, field trip plans, special snack needs, art supply donations and home extension projects will be listed for you.


 * All forms should be filled out and returned to us.

* When your child is Star of the Week, you are responsible for snack for that week.  If you have snack and can’t come to school, please make arrangements to send it with someone else.


* No school on September 30: Teacher in-service (We change the centers and have teacher in-service activities.)

* We are asking two parents each month to provide homemade playdough for our class.  These parents will be announced on the monthly calendar with the date to bring it and the color we would like.  We have included the recipe in your parent folder.

Arrival:  Class begins at 9:00.  Please be prompt so that your child can enjoy a fun and full day of learning.  The children will be playing with table toys each day as they arrive.  The classroom doors will be open at 8:50 for your convenience.

Tote bags:  We are asking that each child purchase a tote bag from the school.  Your child will need to bring the bag each day so we can send home projects safely.  We have found in the past that backpacks are very unsatisfactory for our purposes.  Please try to check your child’s tote bag each day for school information.  If your child has a tote bag from last year, there is no need to buy another.  Parents may decorate this bag at home with their child.  Please make sure your child’s name is on it.

Snack:  When your child is Star of the Week, you will be responsible for sending in snack for that week.  This may sound overwhelming at first, but trust me, it will be easier than you think.  With this schedule, you will only be bringing in snack a few times a year.  We will be providing a snack calendar for your convenience.  It is a school policy for all juice to be 100% juice.  Please no juice boxes.  Please note that you will also have to bring in enough plates, 9 ounce cups, napkins, and any other supplies needed to serve 16 children.  Cupcakes and cookies should be saved for party days.   ALL SNACKS MUST BE PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE.

Star of the Week:  Each week there will be a different Star.  When your child is Star, he/she will be given the Letter Bucket and All About Me page on the Friday before his/her week.  Over the weekend, please help your child fill out the All About Me page and bring it back on Monday.  We will then discuss it and display it on our Star of the Week board.  On Wednesday, please bring back the Letter Bucket filled with as many things as your child can find that start with the letter we are studying that week.  On Friday, please bring Show and Tell of your child’s choice.  When your child is Star, he/she will take the attendance to the office and be the Line Leader, Calendar Helper, and Weather Helper for that week.

Parent Volunteers:  If you are interested in helping in the class, we would love to have you.  You must attend the Volunteer Training offered by the school.  Siblings may not attend class with parents.  Please arrange for a babysitter when you volunteer.

Illness:  Please do not send a sick child to school.  A sick child does not enjoy or want to participate in the activities that are planned.  We also do not want to spread illness to other children.  We welcome your child’s return when he/she is feeling better.

Dismissal:  We will dismiss at 12:00 from the playground or Activities Room.  Please be prompt for pick up.  If you are going to be late, please call the school.  Thank you!

We can’t wait to work with your children.  We know it’s going to be a great year!  Please remember, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

Cell phone #: 240-529-8564

E-mail address: