Teacher’s Pages

The teachers of Calvary Weekday School hold college education degrees and are assisted by qualified classroom assistants. The teachers and assistants participate in on-going personal and professional development programs throughout the school year.

Mrs. Jachowski
University of Maryland
Teaching Experience: 26 yrs
Years at Calvary: 26 teaching / 1 assistant
Mrs. Zalatoris
Ohio Wesleyan University
Teaching Experience: 3 yrs
Years at Calvary: 8
Mrs. Lockney
Frostburg State University
Hood College
Teaching Experience: 2 yrs
Years at Calvary: 5
Mrs. Bales
University of Maryland
Teaching Experience: 11 yrs
Years at Calvary: 3
Mrs. Lockard
Mt. Saint Mary’s
Hood College
Teaching Experience: 20 yrs
Years at Calvary: 4
Mrs. Horning
West Virginia University
Teaching Experience: 10 yrs
Years at Calvary: 10 teaching / 1 assistant